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Rocks and Water Long Exposure

One of my favorite photography subjects. Rocks and Water. This is a composite to have the long exposure of the water and still have some detail in the sky. I'm still new to photoshop so any advice on how to make the transition b/w the sky and water a little more seamless would be appreciated.

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Interesting balance of light

This works well as an "art"diptych, Kyle, with the land/sea/sky elements pretty well balanced. It immediately looks like a collage, as the sky is obviously not what you saw above the horizon.

This is because of the perspective in the clouds.The shape of clouds in the sky changes gradually from blobs overhead to horizontal streaks at the horizon. This is absent here, although there is a V-shaped convergence in the clouds which creates some perspective.

If you want a realistic sky added to the other elements, it actually needs to be a sky that comes right down to the horizon, unless you simulate that in software, along with tonal changes, as blue sky is darker overhead than lower down, and so on.

It also looks as if the sea may be cropped in the inverse way (i.e. as if you removed some at the top) because of an analogous perspectival effect, although this is affected by the smoothing from your long exposure.

None of this detracts from this image in itself. I'm just referring to it not looking like something you saw before you, if you wanted to convey that..