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Saitis barbipes

February 5, 2019

My best shot so far of this tiny boy, Saitis barbipes male.
Pretty happy with my new DIY diffuser.

Sony A7III + Mp-e 65
Neweer TT560 + Diffuser + Godox PB960
F8, 1/200, iso 3200
Hand held stack of 20 shots
Magnification 4:1 + crop

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Perfect! Love it!

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Thank you Liza, glad to see you here 😉

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Looks like you recently joined. Glad to see you here too 😉

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Very very nice!
But "Hand held stack of 20 shots
Magnification 4:1"
How it that possible with a 1/200 speed?
Even with a tripod I think it's very difficult to achieve, so hand held ...

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Thanks, the flash helps a lot to freeze the scene. I was laying in the grass for this shot so very stable, then i aim for the legs of the spider and while i move slowly toward the spider i shoot in burst mode. Thanks to the stabilized sensor and the 10 frames/s of my camera! This technic is a little bit tricky but it works great!!

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Merci de l'explication !
J'essaierais à l'occasion :)

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Wow! Great shot.

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I don't think I have ever seen this type arachnid. However, I really appreciate this shot . The colors are awesome and the focus is just crazy good. Excellent!

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Amazing Chelicerata