Stag beetle by Pierre Anquet
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Stag beetle

February 8, 2020

Hello everyone,
Beetle Allotopus rosenbergi

Sony A7III + Canon Mp-e 65
3 Jansjö + Diffuser 3D
Qool 250 + Controler IR
F5.6, 0.5s, iso 100
Stack of 55 shots
Magnification 1,5:1
Capture One, Zerene et CS6

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Hans van Voorst's picture

A very beautiful photo. I have seen a lot micro photo's and I make micro photo's myself, but this one is awesome.

Chris Suchocki's picture

Wow wow wow! So sharp. Love the color scheme and comp. You clearly know what you're doing, please keep doing it lol!

Daniel L Miller's picture

Wouldn't have guessed this type of photo would be my first 5 star rating but it's magnificent! Worth all the work you put into it.

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Liza Rock's picture

Amazing Pierre! Perfect lighting, composition and the matching colors of the subject and background! Very well done!