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Little House on the Prairie

I was headed back to my hometown one evening when I noticed storm clouds gathering and making all kinds of ruckus in the distance. I had all of my camera equipment in the backseat, but because it just seemed like an ordinary Texas storm, I didn't feel the need to stop and spend time getting it out and setting it up...Until I drove by this abandoned house.

I have driven by this house countless times. It's always been an intriguing spot that I knew held some kind of photo. The house, the area, the field, all of it had potential, but I wasn't exactly sure how to bring that potential out until this storm rolled in.

So I was driving and saw the lightning begin to crackle and snap and it just created this dreary scene.

I almost missed it though, because I figured there would be too much hassle and not enough payoff to get out, get the tripod, get the settings correct, and wait for the lightning.

Thankfully, laziness didn't get the best of me that day.

Fujifilm X100S
ISO 200
1/2 Sec

23mm · f/5.6 · 1/2s · ISO 200
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