9-11 by Josh Utley
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February 11, 2019

September, 2011 the UPS man stops out front. He walks up to me and delivers my second hand fixed 14mm lens. An hour earlier the power in all of San Diego had just gone out. The only places with lines are the only places open. Groceries, water and liquor seemed to be in high demand. Two pubs were open and everything else was closed.

My family and I with my new lens took a stroll down Newport Avenue (Ocean Beach's MainStreet). I set my camera on the corner trash can and left the shutter open for awhile to see what I'd capture. This is one shot from that night of many.

It was an interesting night with mixed emotions. I bet you didn't even know the entire city of San Diego lost power on the 9th day of September that year. Did you?

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