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Visibility at night

February 13, 2019

Very hard to photograph as the helicopter produced a severe downwash so my friends had to secure my equipment. This picture simulates a pickup at night exercise.

70mm · f/8.0 · 1/50s · ISO 200
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Jeroen van Veenendaal's picture

It was, very hard to do, but so rewarding!

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Unbelievable photograph! Well done!

Jeroen van Veenendaal's picture

Very hard to accomplish, especially due to the immense downwash of the helicopter. All my equipment was held in place by my friends, who had a pretty good workout.

Arthur Morgan's picture

Join a rescue team and you will not have to simulate another rescue.

Jeroen van Veenendaal's picture

They still have to train for the missions, but this was just for photography purposes of course.

Arthur Morgan's picture

Yes, they had to train VERY HARD. I did 34 years of difficult terrain rescue.

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Great great job !
Caiman helicopter ?

Jeroen van Veenendaal's picture

Indeed, it's a Dutch NH90 NFH version.

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Outstanding work