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LE photo of nature scene in southwest Serbia at misty morning.

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A lot of your images of the natural world find me thinking of fairy tales and imaginary worlds, Radisa. Prosaic you're not! Well, maybe your title for this one is... ;-) Shangri-La? The Enchanted Waterfall?

Weird (!) colours and all, for me this is a particularly good image in your excellent portfolio. You've expressed your vision beautifully here, with that golden light at top, and then the descent into mysterious realms. And I don't usually talk like this! Excellent composition too, as usual.

I have a tendency to use only one word for the title, and I like Shangri-La.
Yes, I 'killed' green in the lower part on pretty clumsy way (it can always be better), it did not suit me aesthetically at that moment.
Thanks for the nice words and compliments like always Chris!