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Dubai Marina at sunrise. This time I did time blending with three exposures, but in reversed style with the goal to turning off artificial lights and making the impression of the gloomy ghost city. Only requirement was that the sun be behind the clouds later through time and I had the luck.

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Fantastic image. Love the mood with the blood red sky!

Thanks a lot!

Beautiful Image ~

Thank you Joe!

Many thanks William!

Incredible image.

Thanks so much!

Great shot, super concept. I do think there is too much reflection in front. Maybe a 16:9 crop would keep that beautiful sun and skyline as the main subject. Much of the cloud reflection doesn't really add much for me. I do love the city without the lights, though. Excellent work.

You're right about the composition. Many thanks John!

Great shot! which camera and lens did you use?

Thanks! Canon 5D mark II and EF 16-35 F4 IS L lens.

This photo is amazing, great concept to turn the lights off!

But how did you get the sun that big with such a wide lens? What focal length did you use? Or did you compose the sun or make it bigger in post in any way?

Thank so much Henrik! Well spotted! Now I looked at the raw files, I totally forgot that I was in this case made the panorama for which I used telephoto lens at 200mm (Otherwise, I used the wide lens at this location as well).

All I can say is WOW!

Huge thanks!

Браво, Радиша, поздрав из Бањалуке :-)

Hvala puno Marko!