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Curvy Aspen Forest

A photo I took this past fall of a beautiful grove of unique curved aspens. These trees have become popular among local photographers but were still difficult to find.

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Maybe they were difficult to find because they were sneaking away! They have kind of a moving serpent look to them. Great photo.

Hey Nick - So.... I am a botanist. I have come back to this image so many times because I can't imagine what would cause this. It is for real right? It looks it but I'm scientist so i have to ask! :)

So I have heard different things about what caused this. I think the overall consensus was that it was caused from a landslide..

I was there last year, locals say it was an avalanche when the trees were small. Amazingly they grew out of it.

Very nice composition great shot

Bizarrely beautiful! You did a good job with what could so easily have been a curiosity shot, Nick. The composition is particularly strong, as Jabi points out. Love the way you catch those golden glowing leaves in the background as a foil for the trees.

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