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Hazy Sunrise at Athabasca Falls

I took this photo on a hazy morning at one of the most impressive waterfalls I've ever seen, Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park.

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Trees and backside of mountain need more color. Great Photography

Nick I like what you’ve do with this challenging scene. Shooting into the sun is challenging enough add any mist from the close proximity of the waterfall, topped off with atmospheric hazy (IMO pollution) can be a real bear. You were aware of the hazy and worked with it not against both in the field and in post.
Compositionally and tonally you nailed it between the waterfall, receding forest, distant peaks and sky. The only problem I have is the sun burst, I’ve never been a big fan. Where some photographer feel wide-angle image have either the sun or other bright lights they have to be bursts.