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Pouring resistance

Was hired to document a cycling lap of 300km near South Padre Island, Texas. Everything went great I got on the back of a pick up truck and shot for about two hours. Around the 230km mark weather suddenly changed and the sky turned from beautiful puffy clouds to gray menacing clouds. Rain wasn't even forecasted, so I wasn’t prepared for any water. 250km mark the sky fell on us, its was pouring rain like a few times in my life I have experienced, my partner who was shooting video said her camera couldn’t stand even a few drops of water, but I had no other choice than to keep on shooting. After I got this shot I decided it was too much for the camera to take, soon to realize the camera started to malfunction. Finished of with another camera, but as soon as the race finished I ran to the nearest supermarket and stuck the camera inside a rice bag. A week later with my heart pounding I checked my camera and lucky me IT SURVIVED.

Canon 6D
200 · f/2.8 · 1/640 · ISO 100
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