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Knight of the Desert

We embarked a journey through the “infamous” Baja 1000 territories, driving alone(no other cars) for the second time since we tried earlier that day and we got a flat 14km after we started. So this time we were moving slower and at night. We planned to arrive to a specific spot to sleep but driving in the desert at night didn’t quite help us to find that place easily. With the help of @wikiloc we arrived to the place, it was very weird being at a place that you don’t know how it looks. After we set up camp @josemario___ lifted his drone with the lights turned on to see a little bit more of the surroundings. We were amazed at where we were, immediately I grabbed my phone opened @photopills and planned this shot in about 5 minutes. I set my tripod and my camera and took the shot, there it was, the image I had imagined for the whole trip. It is really wonderful when everything aligns and just turns out right.

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