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Man vs Nature

122 meters of raw power at the Icelandic waterfall Haifoss.
This is one of the tallest on Iceland, and with its colorful surroundings, it is a spectacular sight.

I wanted to show the scale of this beast, so in the post processing I have added myself in front of the waterfall.
Also added a cooler colortone to the water and some more saturation to the foreground.
And some adjustments to light and shadows.

Canon 5D Mark IV
f/11 · 1/250 · ISO 640
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Denne er episk, Fredrik. Kanonfet🙌🏻😀

Fredrik Strømme's picture

Takk for det! Er et av mine personlige favoritter også :) Og i tillegg et bilde jeg hadde planlagt på forhånd, så morsomt å få det til.

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Great pic!

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Thank you so much 😀

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Knall tøft bilde😊👍👍

Fredrik Strømme's picture

Takk for det :)