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Broncolor Para 133 with 2 #1 diffusers,
focusing rod at 4,
tilted 35 deg, 5 ft from face.
Profoto pro 10 pack and pro plus head with 100mm dome.
silver board under.
One ft from Pecan seamless paper.
Capture One to Photoshop.
retouching is 95% dodge and burn.


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Wow! Nicely done. Thanks for the pointers. :)

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This is fantastic. Colors a really on point. Skintones look nice. Green knit top looks amazing with her green eyes. Clean retouch.

glenn kaupert's picture

lovely image

Wayne Denny's picture

Really great work. I love how she's off center!

Michael Kyle's picture

Beautiful image !

Amir Kaljikovic's picture

Great colors, Eye and top colors match perfectly.
Is this the final image?

There is a clone spot in the hair top left.