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Explored one of the ancient routes found in Kii Peninsula... The Kumano Kodo.

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cool picture, the reds might be a bit hot but i love the composition.

I am taking a trip to Japan this October and this image inspired me to do some research on the Kumano Kodo trail. I was wondering a few things.

-Will I be able to easily travel to the kii peninsula from Osaka?

-is fall a good season to travel the trail?

-I was planning on staying here for a single day, maybe 2. Is there a portion of the trail that you think stands out from the rest?

Hi Jordan, Yes pretty easy especially that you are coming from Osaka to Kii, it will take you 4 hours on an Express train. Stay there for atleast 3 days, at the end of the trail there is a pagoda with Nachi fall in the background. Lots of awesome photographic location within Kii too.