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Origin of symmetry

A lake, blue hour, trees, bliss.
This was in southern France. After a long roadtrip I found this light at my destination. It was the perfect ending of the journey.

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Very beautiful - "perfect ending" indeed! I like your composition. These mirror-like reflected views in water may be interesting when we see them in real life, but they can be difficult subjects from which to create a pleasing image; there are many mediocre attempts, but you've done very well here.

Keep posting, Ivo! I for one like your style - serene, subtle and generally understated. However these glorious colours warrant your Turneresque approach here.

Thank you Chris!

Fantastic tone!

Awesome shot. Love the lighting and the sharp colors.!!

Gorgeous. Soft tones, misty moments and beautiful light, unbeatable combination.

I love this.

This is amazing. I love the color pallet and the composition, with the mist creeping in from the right. Very well done.

Reminds me a series of Nation Geographic photos I had seen some years ago. World class job.