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Child Sailing in Water on Umbrella Boat

A little child is sitting in an umbrella boat looking at a distant tree of light with a rainbow for an imagination or freedom concept.

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Anonymous's picture

How do you C&C on something this cute :) ?

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Great composure and concept. I love the colorful umbrella with the reflection. Gives the image more of an environmental and 3 dimensional feel.

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Thank you very much. I actually had the "model" on a real puddle so I would not have to worry about trying to Photoshop the umbrella's reflection which can be tricky.

Gustavo Figueiredo's picture

Congratulations. This is a beautiful image.

James Allen Stewart's picture

Composition is such a gift for those with creativity

Angela Waye's picture

Thank you very much for looking.

Dave Flynn's picture

Great work!