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For someone like me who prefers to photograph on a specific time of the day, getting to this spot was not that easy. If you’ve been to Yamanashi, tourist buses only operate from 9-5pm, and taxis after that is almost not an option. But because it was on my photography bucket list i was almost ready to endure the freezing weather and walk my way up there with all my gears ( a 2 hour walk based on google maps ). Thankfully our hotel offers bike usage for free! Its a 40 minutes bike ride from our hotel to Chureito, should be easy right? So i stormed my way up to my sunset location and made it in 30 mins! It was a breeze! It was so easy i knew it would be different going home.😅 Yep the roads going back are mostly uphill and i ended up walking pushing the bike on my way home... for 2 hours.😂 But id say it was all worth it, finally seeing Chureito pagoda and Mt Fuji on a beautiful sunset, Couldn’t ask for a better condition. Another photography item checked off my bucket list.

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Thank you paps!

Very nice work, and spectacular conditions. Was it busy during sunset? I went here in January to photograph the stars and sunrise. I was at this spot from 3:30am until 7:30am, in -7C weather. Luckily I have my license here, so I jumped in my car and turned on the heater asap, haha.