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The great boxer

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Super nice shot!

Thank you!

Great shot. I am not an expert critic, but I can tell you what I like about it: the rim lighting is good, the lighting around the camera-facing ear gives it some nice definition, & the light under his/her right eye gives depth to the face.

I really like the brindle colour of his/her coat, too.

Thank you!

Outstanding shot.

Thank you!


Thank you!

Really love this shot. Can you tell me more about how you captured it? Was it just an impromptu shot or were you able to pose some how? Thanks.

Thank you! She loves to pose and standing in high ground and when i saw this tree I posed her the way i get this rim light.
I asked my dog to stay there and I waited the moment when her head was in good position.

fun shot!

Lovely shot. Boxers have a very strong pose.

Thak you!

This is a wonderful image

Thank you!

What a mood!

Love the lighting and composition! Cheers!