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Of Fire And Man

Sometimes there are one of these evenings where you come home after a more or less exhausting day and feel like doing nothing but some household and cooking while listening to good heavy music or dreaming about an adventure. At least I feel so haha …
Apropos I captured this image two days before my 30th birthday. My dude and me were hiking up to Lac Blanc in Chamonix. And I remember that this was a pretty long and exhausting day. We rewarded ourselves with one beer each and some mashed potatoes after reaching the lake in 2500 altitude.
It was already late in the evening and with the dusk the temperature dropped pretty fast to four or less degrees. So we tried to light a fire for a tiny campfire. I think we tried at least two hours to light it until we gave up. I guess I’ve never felt so unmanly haha
The next day, tired as f🙉🙊k and with a hurting back we were leaving to hike back to the town.
Along the trail my equipment felt like becoming heavier and heavier and actually heavier than the music I was listening. I thought „dude, probably the right time has come to switch to another and lighter camera system “. So three weeks ago the time has finally come and a new mirrorless camera is waiting for capturing some adventures like Chamonix. Until then I keep dreaming and planning a new journey … more about to come.
(This image is slightly different than the other stuff I usually do but I like it)

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