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Portrait of a fly

April 17, 2019

Hello everyone,

Calliphora sp.
Sony A7III + Lomo 3.7x
2 Jansjö + diffuser
Stackrail SR90
1/3s, iso 100
Stack of 55 shots
Magnification 4:1
Capture One, Zerene and CS6

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Hannier Pulido's picture

Astonishing photo!,
Can I ask, how do you attach the lomo objective to the camera? did you use extension tubes?

Dan Lubbers's picture

I love everything about this image! Great Job!

Liza Rock's picture

Awesome stack! Congrats on your feature!

David Pyle's picture

An amazing body of work, Pierre! Extraordinaire!!

Paul Mildner's picture

2x Jansjö haha. man that's an amazing shot.

Simon Anderson's picture

Absolutely amazing capture

Garry Pollard's picture

Craftsmanship well rewarded!

Da Beat's picture

brrr, scary sharp...

Oliver Ottley's picture