Crowned by brittany reinhard
April 17, 2019

This photo was taken at a beautiful park in Ocala, Fl. She was actually my assistant that day for another shoot I had planned for many months. Ironically, I felt that her photos we took on a whim came out much better! I also love costume design and the crown she is wearing is made by me.

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Michaelle Charette's picture

how gorgeous! I love all type of creative crown for photoshoots :P

Asoka Edussooriya's picture


Beautiful! A lot of my footage looks like this: I would like to get a more etherial look similar to this shot. Did you implement photo stacking with this shot?

brittany reinhard's picture

I did not use photo stacking...I dont remember my settings now, but I'm sure it was just a low aperture (maybe about 2.0-4.0) on my 50mm lens