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Misty Peak

Last Feb i had another opportunity to try my luck in capturing the elusive sunrise from Luggard Road lookout at Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. My first try was last 2017, the sun never showed up, it was too cloudy, though the visibility was acceptable, for me it was an unfinished business. So i went back with my wife this time. When we arrived at the lookout point, we were surprised with the view. There was no view.😂 Visibility... Zero. It was too foggy to get any good shots of the city, but something else caught my eye. I loved how the dense trees fade through the fog. So i snapped a couple of shots on our way out of Luggard road. Often times, I don’t get to shoot in ideal light or weather conditions, but there will always be something else to photograph if you just look hard enough.

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This is absolutely lovely. It appeals to all senses!

Glad you like it Phil, really appreciate it

Fascinating. What a neat shot.

Thanks Lonnie

the colors oh wow :D very nice editing!

Much appreciated my friend


Thank you