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Water For The Free

New DreamWorld photo featuring Dedeker Winston!

But first, some exciting news about Dedeker! She was chosen to be one of the contestants on Fox's new reality show Utopia! While a part of me is sad to not have her around for perhaps a year, I'm also thrilled for her and I know she'll make the most of the opportunity. In honor of the show's premier last night, I put together a blog featuring some of my favorite photos of her from over the past four years we've worked together. Come check it out!

I've been wanting to incorporate a new race into DreamWorld for a while now; a race of deer-people called the Fallow Folk. In addition to all having horns and antlers of different kinds, they are a shy, reclusive species. As with many of the DreamWorld characters, they live in harmony with nature. I think of them as somewhat similar to Tolkien's elves; reserved, quiet but very able to take care of themselves.

I shot this with Dedeker the same day we shot The Oracle, and it's actually the same creek, just a different piece of it.

Again, big congratulations for Dedeker! I hope she has the time of her life :) And come to my blog to see my tribute to her!

Model: Dedeker Winston.

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50mm · f/4.0 · 1/125s · ISO 160
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