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Spider Stack

Monday Macro (Closeup) a Day Late:

I meant to post this yesterday but got caught up watching the Rockets game. This spider was quite patient with me as I took it's picture. So patient, that I was able to bust out the tripod and do a field stack. I secured the plant with a plamp and did a few in camera stacks with the Nikon D850. The latitude in the RAW files on this camera never ceases to amaze me. I converted the RAW to TiFF with a minor exposure tweak. The 70 tiff files were slabbed (sub-stacked) and the subsequent 15 files processed through Zerene for the stacked image. Stacked image was imported into C1 and slight adjustments to the sharpness and clarity were applied as well as a small compositional crop. Details in this image hold up well to pixel peeping. It starts to get mushy around 200%, a testament to the resolving power of the camera sensor.

Image Specs - Nikon D850 w/Tamron 90mm, f/5.6, SS1/20, ISO 200, 70 image field stack.

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