It was a test of TS-E 135mm lens. Sometimes very hard to hold a couple in depth of focus and I used tilt to cover it. Not clear on this picture but I will upload the next one and you will see the difference @dovgulya

Canon 5D Mark IV
135mm · f/13.0 · 1/160s · ISO 200
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Stunning! Congratulations and Well Deserved!

Thank you!

I can't agree more. If I can add some little advice, maybe some backlights in the hairs or on the background to add some separation between hairs and background. But, as it is, I really enjoyed, congrats!

nicely done!

beautiful image 😀

Great shot. I just tried out a vintage 135mm Nikon and was surprised how far away from the subject I had to get to just frame the image, but the bokeh was insanely good and the lens quality made it worth the time. Keep up the good work