June 7, 2019
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Joe Scalise's picture

Beautiful shot

Stephen Norman's picture

Thanks man :) I spent a redicious amount of time processing this one lol

Joe Scalise's picture

I've been trying out 'city' photography lately myself and need a lot more practice, but this shot is very inspiring. I love how this has a futuristic cinematic look to it, somewhat surreal. Really nice job.

What city is this?

Stephen Norman's picture

Yea I think the cinematic look comes from the slightly off colours that I've used for the blues of the sky and the oranges of the natural light, but yeah it gives a nice tone to it I think :)
This was London and is recreation of a shot I took a few years back which was similar but much worse I think so makes me feel happy that I'm making progress at least lol.
What's your favourite genre to shoot then?

Jon G's picture

Did you blend multiple exposures using luminosity masks? Or did you spend a lot of time getting the colors right?

Stephen Norman's picture

Hi Jon. I shot three separate exposures with the intention of blending them together but in the end this was an edit of a single exposure with quite a bit of work.

David Perman's picture

The colors are amazing.

Stephen Norman's picture

Thanks man, I'm really happy with how this turned out 😊

Matthias Dengler's picture

Is that a composite of three buildings? Or is it "one shot"? Anyway, it looks amazing, man!

Roger Hølmen's picture

Amazing shot, and superb edit!

Jacob Manwell's picture

Love it

Francisco B's picture

Really nice; the copper/blue toning is great.

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Alex Herbert's picture

I know this scene. I've got these 3 from a different angle on my website landing page. You did a much better job than me though!

Vijay Mewada's picture

Enjoyed and learnt about riot of textures in good balanced frame. have gone through your replies about colours in PP and that adds. cheers.