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Dragon's Nest

On my way home after a weekend of low hanging clouds I on an impulse headed up Isterdalen (Norway) again. To my great joy the clouds lifted a few mins and revealed for instance the might Stigbotthornet ahead of us. The valley ends at the famous Trollstigen. End of May 2019.

Pentax K-1 Mark II
15 · f/11 · ISO 100
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Wow! A really great shot as always, Ole Henrik! I´m heading over to Norway from Sweden next week and is hoping to catch some nice landscapes in the Geiranger area... If the weather allow it. Some special places you know of?

Thanks a lot, Micke! I am not very familiar in the Geiranger area. But, it is a rather short drive to Romsdalen which includes a ferry. In Romsdalen you can visit Isterdalen and Vengedalen which both offer many beautiful comps.

Thank you very much, Ole Henrik! I will follow your advice and get a bit north of Geiranger too... Looking forward to visit Norway for the first time. Trevlig fotosommar! :)

Ha en super tur og takk i like måte :)