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June 17, 2019
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Hmm. Not sure what to think. Simplicity is nice, but does it evoke something? I don't know. Depends on what it's for.

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Thanks Brian.. I seek in many of my photos to show a different angle of what we see every day in our life.. this angle includes seeing a part of a bigger thing, a flat angle of a 3D objects and more...
Sometimes it works, sometimes maybe not
Any way I appreciate your words

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I like knowing that anytime you post a new image it always exudes your own established style. That element is what shows experience. Great work.

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Thanks a lot David!

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I love it, I have captured a few blue skies like this one. But never have come across anything like this. The complimentary colors are eye catching, excellent photograph!

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Thank you very much William!!

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This is my favorite “photo of the day” in a long time. On a website full of epic landscapes and portraits, it’s great to see something so simple, yet effective get noticed. Very well deserved.

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Wow!! Thank you very much Jordan!! I am so happy you liked it and I appreciate what you wrote!

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I dig your architectural work, well done.

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Thanks a lot Francisco! Glad you liked my work!

This is so different from everything else on this site
Amazing work

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Thanks a lot Rich Foley!