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Finally I got the chance to photograph this elegant building in Madrid. Placed between Gran Via (on the right) and Calle Alcalá (on the left), finished its construction in 1920, it had several owners, actually is used by Metropolis Insurance company.

Jules and Raymond Février gave the building a French, Beaux-Arts style, which was quite unusual at the time.
The ground level is topped by ornate colonnaded upper floors. The columns support 4 statues representing Mining, Agriculture, Industry and Commerce, made by Saint Marceaux and L. Lambert. At the foot of the dome you'll find a statue sculpted by D. Mariano Benlliure, "The Winged Victory".
The rounded cupola is covered with 30000 leaves of 24 carat gold.

Timeblending was used to get the best of both burning sky, and the artifitial light of the city.

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Incredible shot mate! Love it