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When you're on a diet and get caught eating peanut butter with a spoon

When you're on a diet and get caught eating peanut butter with a spoon

28.3mm · f/6.4 · 1/800s · ISO 250
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Your photos are just consistently awesome! :-) So wish my pair would sit still enough to try! May I ask what the lighting setup is? Single beauty dish? Works fantastically well.

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Thank you very much for your kind words.

I usually shoot with only one strobe from front with an octabox. There are two reflectors, one on each side of the dog. Of course, two or three strobes would be handy, too. But I would like to make sure the setting is as comfortable as possible for all the different dogs I have in my studio. That's not a very dramatic light, but very flat, but I like that.

Thanks again!

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The light is perfect. The dog (or cat) is the star. Doesn’t need dramatic light.

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Thanks for info on the lighting. The single light and at least one reflector can usually be seen in the eyes (which adds to sparkle of the eyes).

A specific studio question: Do you typically 'pose' dogs on a platform? What dimensions seem to work best? (My dog photos are almost all candid and 'environmental', with dog(s)-in-easy-chair being the only relief for my 74-year old knees.)

It would be nice if you had a web page or two showing your setup (e.g. pictures of the studio set), and perhaps a discussion of your technics for getting the dog's attention and eliciting that wide-eyed look.