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Happy isolating

Currently, I'm not able to meet model dogs, so my dogs find themselves in front of the camera again. And they enjoy it. As they get loads of treats for it, they start getting a bit chubby. But so do I. Happy isolating, everyone.

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A welcome bit of isolated humor - thanks!

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Thank you!

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Thank you very much for making this Picture of the Day.

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Love it!

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Love this one!!! :)

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How do you keep their attention that long? Great pictures by the way. Keep us smiling

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Thank you! The sessions are not too long, have frequent breaks and it's loads of fun. They get rewards and tell them how great they are. My own dogs believe it entirely and are real divas. But they come running when I get my camera out.

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Love it!!

Give your pups a treat from me as well!

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Will do!

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Cool! I love the hounds too