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Taken at our city's largest train station

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Cheeky!! I like it..

amazingly original , this could tell a thousand stories

It could, potentially! :D

mind if i ask, how did you get away with nudity at such a huge public place?

Hey Chris, you can ask all you want :)
The answer to your question is: I didn't :D There were some workers who was watching. She had to ask them if it was okay to do the shoot in front of them. I have a picture of it at under the photo

Gorgeous lighting

I would do it but I'm a guy and guys don't care as much as a woman or women about being seen naked, as a matter of fact most of us will do it just to shock everyone around us. I applaud this model for going for it even though others would see her in her all-in-all in public. Plus I'm telling you this is a story these men will go home and tell their friends, families, whoever will listen over and over again and each time they tell the story you will get better and better looking and more daring each time. You may have just made yourself a legend.

Hey Michael, glad you enjoyed it :) if you dig around a bit you can check the photo of the model asking the workers if it was okay to shoot in front of them here: . It was way fun to witness!