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Frozen - Aston Martin DB11 - Scale Model

The solitude of a desolate, wind-scarred winter landscape is shattered by the aggressive rumble and crackle of a 5.2 L V12 engine and the squealing of tires as they struggle for grip. On a grand tour far from its English home, the Aston Martin DB11 retains its classic elegance and debonair looks in one of the harshest environments known to man. Powering through the treacherous snow, sleet, and ice, the Aston skillfully navigates the frozen terrain putting on an exhilarating show.

I recreated this vision using a 1:24 scale model Aston Martin DB11 generously loaned to me by Will Detterman in studio space at Viewpoint School provided by Viewpoint’s photography teacher, Charlie Sitzer.

Working together, Charlie and I used sandpaper and spray paint to replicate tarmac/asphalt and deployed fake snow to simulate snowfall and sleet. Will Detterman assisted by engineered a creative solution to disperse the dry ice’s fog to create specific atmospheric effects.

We shot the images using a high megapixel D810 with the tack sharp Nikkor 200 f4 lens. Edited using Adobe lightroom and photoshop , Lit using Astra litepanels.

The printed background image is a composite from all my own photographs shot on a Canon 6D Mark II.

Nikon D810
200mm · f/14 · 1/60 · ISO 6400
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Thank you so much! Love your work too.