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Nissan Silvia Drift Car

Shot for Banzai magazine. I shot this image using strobe lighting and natural light combined to create a moody shot that encapsulates the car in the dark environment.

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Very nice and to think that car must be 20 years old or more. I've owned 2 of these cars back in the day and also spent a lot of time photographing the UK drift events in the early days.

Thanks for stopping by. You know what, i'm not actually sure how old this car is in all honesty, i know it was one of Nissans more popular cars for drifting. This car was setup for grip rather than drift.

I just watched the critique video and saw this photo as one of the pieces they reviewed. I agree with some of the things they said but it was obvious they have no idea about car culture. I personally like the shot, I like how it was lit and the colors and specially the car stands out. Did you get a free copy of the magazine then after the project ? 😁

Thanks very much for leaving a comment, sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner, I'm not sure why but FS doesn't notify me of comments? Are you sure it was this image that was in a video, I don't remember seeing it on their youtube channel? :O

Scratch that, i've just gone back and watched the video again, haha, my heart was in my mouth when i saw it on their video. Thanks for letting me know! - Ironically i don't get free copies of the magazines. This is one of my favourite shots for loads of reasons, clearly not everyone likes it as much as me haha.

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