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Young Coyote

I heard from a friend early in the day there were three coyotes hanging out by the road. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to go look for them until the evening, but sure enough as I drove through I saw all three youngsters! Knowing, their curious nature I decided to move down the direction they were heading and lay down in the grass over there. As I patiently waited, this young fella decided to come investigate, giving me an incredible photo opportunity and the experience of a lifetime.

Canon 6D Mark II
600mm · f/8.0 · 1/640 · ISO 1600
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Awesome - Wilde life photography can give you some of life's greatest experiences.
Love the shot.

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Perfect bokeh

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love it

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so cute !! I've always been scared of them not knowing what they'll do if they saw me. this is a nice shot though.

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Coyotes really get a bad reputation. They can be dangerous but their certainly not as bad as the stigma against them. It's the same as dealing with a bear or any other large predator.