Timepiece by Silvio Richetto
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August 17, 2019

Wrist watch

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Lukasz J's picture

Either it's my monitor or it's a tad too bright. Also main numbers seem to be not that sharp - what lens it was shot and what f-stop?

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Thanks for your comment. Pretty much I shot at 1/100 over f 16 Iso 100 Macro 105 mm (f 2.8). This is my 1st-time shooting products. I have long ways to go.

Lukasz J's picture

Why F16? I think sweet spot of the lens (in terms of sharpness) should be around F8. Guess that halo around the numbers is effect of diffraction due to high f-stop.

Silvio Richetto's picture

Thanks Lukasz for the tip. I confess that I had that lens but never used it often. I'll try F8 next time ... I have to read more about that lens so I can get the best of it. I'll try another exercise using the lenses sweet spto to see if I can improve the sharpness.