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Four Dancers

Collaboration with dancers of Les Grands Ballets de Montreal.

Dancers left to right:
Celestin Boutin, Eleonore Thomas, Giuseppe Canale, Rachele Buriassi.
www.sashaonyshchenko.com ©2019

Leaf Credo 40
55mm · f/5.6 · 1/125s · ISO 50
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Love this!

Wow, great work and stunnings images.

This is sooooo beautiful! <3 Loving it!

This is lovely, and it's tempting to invent a story of what's happening by examining the body language relationships.

It's a tragedy. The blond man on the far left is fully involved with supporting the blonde woman. Yet, she cares nothing for him, as shown by the lack of intimacy of her right and.

The brunette woman on the far right is clinging to the brunet man, yet he feels nothing for her, as shown by the lack of intimacy in his left hand.

The brunet man is engaging the blonde woman--he's looking intently at her, grasping her body, and bringing her toward him. She is offering her body to him. Yet, she's looking away...in case someone even better comes along.

It's a tragedy.

It's a wonderful picture that evokes an entire story.

Interesting. You comment inspires me re-do this picture as I'm looking at it very differently now.

I love your interpretation of this image. Which I'm sorry to say speaks to my lack of vision when it comes to art.