Marek Dvorak's picture

Beautiful Mountain winery

This is Marek Vybiral from Beautiful Mountain winery. His grandfather brought him to wine, then France and eventually his wife blanka. They farm in Starý Poddvorov on 7,5 hectares of vineyards in natural style. And as he himself says, "I love the most that together we can create, do everything our way and people like it. These are things pushing are forward, we need to be better, more interesting, more hones." these are the words of a proud winemaker who supports a my project about healthy land. We took pictures in a fairly modern environment. We had to create the atmosphere, and so we are fogged :D it's already such a professional deformation when you look at any movie and you see pounds of fog in it even in places where normally it doesn't belong. Like in the warehouse of barrels :) try to focus in the next movie and you will definitely find fog.

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