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Do cow horns grow underground?

Maybe they do, maybe do not. Biodynamics is often interpreted as quackery. Many winemakers think that biodynamic winemakers walk barefoot around the vineyard, waiting for the moonlight or talking to caterpillars. Some certainly do. But for the others, it means something completely different. Biodynamics is mainly about using natural resources for healthier soil, vineyards and, ultimately, better wine. Together with Vinařství Krásná Hora, we now document their biodynamic processes and how they take care of their vineyards.

And what happens in this shots? Do cow horns really grow underground? Not quite. Roháček is a preparate made from cow sh*ts put into cow's horns. In the autumn they are buried in the ground and in the spring they are dug again so that they can be mixed and used as a natural spray. It supports the activity of soil organisms, plant rooting and the construction of humus.

Take a look. For sharing about how real biodynamics works, I send applause and love.


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