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Spring. Bees are extremely important to us. And not just bees. In fact, all pollinators. Without them, the world would be a very sad place. Thanks to bees, we have fruits, crops. Thanks to them, trees reproduce. The trees change carbon dioxide to oxygen we breathe. This whole symbiosis is critical to our survival. However, despite all these reasons, we kill bees and pollinators. Unaware. Slowly.

It's 3 o'clock in the morning, and as usual, I set out to see sunrise. This time to Vysočina. There is a bearded beekeeper Rosťa Lhotský waiting for me. Do you know why beekeepers wear white? The black color causes aggression in the bees. It attracts them. And I'm kind of used to wear black clothes. All my equipment is black. But Rosta calms me down. It is around 7 degrees in the morning and the bees start to be active from the moment the mercury of the thermometer swings over about 10 degrees.

Rosťa Lhotský says that bees are most harmed by humans themselves. We use pesticides and herbicides unnecessarily, we poison the soil, deforesting. We take bees "pasture". And unfortunately, as a result, they lose their strength and defense against disease.

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