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Sylvan Lake Reflection

Devils Tower

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Reflection is nice, composition's pretty good, only issues I've got is the relatively dull lighting and the unfortunate dull sky.

Complimented by a nice sky with sporadic small clouds and shot later during the day, during the golden hour or sunset would make this photo quite a few times better ;)

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I agree! I wish I had some more drama in the sky. I was on the other side of the lake for sunset shots!

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If you've got some clear shots of nice skies you can mix them ( blending ) and add a nice sky to this shot and take it to the next level.
Unless it's against your "photographic ethics" ( some agree on changing skies some don't like the idea ), can't judge a person, I'm fine with both sides :D

It's unfortunate how badly the weather can **ck us landscape photographers :-(

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I agree with Bill, a more interesting sky would have helped this, but can't always wait for the perfect sky. Cropped into more of a panorama would eliminate a large portion of boring sky. I would take some yellow out of the trees and rocks, its on the verge of un-natural with the intense blue sky and water. There is a lot of potential for texture with the shadows but the color takes away from it.

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