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Chicago Tilt-Shift

Trying some tilt-shift actions to a cityscape shot of Chicago as seen from the John Hancock Observatory.

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Bill Peppas's picture

Nice shot man.
I would try a bigger angle from the Willis ( Sears ) tower, looking down at a wider angle usually gives tilt-shift effect photos more "pop".

Keep shooting the beautiful Chicago skyline!

Altamish Osman's picture

thanks! Yea if i was a bit higher it would have been much nicer. this is actually a shot from a few years ago. I was thinking about getting a tilt-shift lens for travel vs applying the photoshop action. this was one of my few "from way above" photos I thought would kind of work. I'll see if I can find something else to try it on.

Brian Downs's picture

In the future watch out for how the action is applied across a building (singular vertical structure).