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The Lovers: Struggle for Self Love

This is a self portrait about wanting to love the person you think you are....But because there is resistance, that love is not easy to attain. Perhaps you are afraid to accept and love the person you truly are. The yearning to discover who you are, is there. However, are you willing to accept that person once you shed light and lift that veil?

This self portrait was light entirely using window light. My Nikon D5300 was on a self timer, and I purposely posed myself, so it would look as if I was about to lean in and kiss myself. I sat on a bar stool and leaned toward the window, and took the image. Then I moved the bar stool and sat facing away from the window. I later composted the 2 images in photoshop. This image has been featured on Vogue Italia Photo Vogue and has been on exhibit in numerous art gallery's.

Nikon D5300
85mm · f/5 · 1/100 sec · ISO 125
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