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Downstream Luck

Horseshoe Falls in Shannock, Rhode Island. Named for its shape, this is one of my favorite waterfalls in Southern Rhode Island. You can almost always count on the water up stream being calm. I love how the glass like water takes on the personality of the surrounding tree cover without giving way to the sky. Then to top it all off, (depending on overall water levels in the area) the water will fall over as pictured, or rush right over and cover the majority of the rocks. However, the giant rock is one of my favorite elements of this photo.

This is 3 shots composited together. The top portion (sky and trees) middle portion (Waterfall and rock pool) bottom portion (Big rock down to bottom of frame). Then I layer-masked some slight shadow and highlight curves (photoshop) where I felt they were necessary throughout the image.

Thanks for checking out my photo!

Matt Buck

Canon 6D
24mm · f/22.0 · 2, 5, & 10 sec -w/ND · ISO 50
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Thanks for considering my photo "Downstream Luck" for Photo of the Day Rebecca! To be considered alongside all of these amazing photographers is awesome. Apologies if my description was a little long. Cheers!

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I do appreciate the description you wrote, its well composed and beautifully presented Matt

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thank you.

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Congratulations Matt! It is a very nice shot, well composed, skilled post-processing.

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Thank you Michael.

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Thanks Vicky!

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The swirls of water in the foreground are great. Excellent shot!

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and you too Josh, thank you.