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Mary in Ecstasy

This is a self portrait homage to one of my favorite Italian Baroque artist, Caravaggio. This is my interpretation of his painting "Mary in Ecstasy".
I shot this in my Livingroom, using nothing but window light. I printed the actual painting by Caravaggio and tethered my camera to my laptop so I can compare the images as I shot them. I used a remote trigger to take the images. The color of the blanket was originally blue. I changed the color of it to red in photoshop. I muted the white blanket and added some yellow hues in order to give it an old vintage feel. I added texture and dodged and burn respectively in order to give this a painterly feel. This self portrait was incredibly fun to shoot and edit.

Nikon D5300
85mm · f/3.5 · 1/100 sec · ISO 250
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This is excellent. Nice feel to the photo. Nice emotion. Would a very slight backlight on the hair help separate it from the background? But then it might lose its old world look. Lovely.

Thank you Gary. Perhaps a backlight would help seperate me from the background a little. I didnt consider that when i created this image. I wanted to stay as esthetically close to the actual Caravaggio painting as possible. Thank you, i will propbly add a little a sepearation some how in future images. I appreciate you stooping by and checking out my work 😀

Well done

Wonderfully painted feeling to this shot. I am not sure that trying to get separation from the background would enhance the feeling here as Caravaggio, was known for the completely blank backgrounds. I think the master would approve.

I am flattered Darin...thank you. Yes, this specific Caravaggio painting did not have any, separation from what I can see via a digital image. Perhaps if I see the painting with my own eyes, I could have picked up better detail. But I pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Thanks again!!

I wish that I had the chops to create a shot like this.

Love Caravaggio

Wonderful! Great work!

Many thanks Rob 😀

This is so amazing. I love your work. I, also, am a fan of Caravaggio and the caravaggisti. This is truly a beautiful image. A couple parts of the red are a little bright, relative to the tones elsewhere, but otherwise I think this is incredible.

Exceptional. Beautiful design and love the mood of this. Reminds me of a Caravaggio painting.