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Mermaid Part 1 - The Recipe

Part 2 of 3 Cooking of the mermaid is a composite of 11 images, 1 hour shooting and 5 hours of photoshop.
I must say I have learnt a lot doing this and as time consuming as it is, it was really good fun.
All this just for Halloween.

Initially the image was meant to be just a mermaid in a pot, nothing fancy and mid way through the photoshoot, I was clearly not satisfied and wanted to add a human into it. I think it really makes this image a lot "darker and evil" just as I intended.


Model: TheIntrovertedMermaid [Instagram]).

Equipment used:
Sony a7iii
24-70 GM
Godox ad200
Godox ad400 Pro
Westcott 7' reflective parabolic
Bowens 30" bounce white umbrella

Camera settings:
f11 ISO160 1/60 - 1/200s

Sony A7iii
50 · f/11 · ISO 200
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