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Mermaid Part 2 - Bon Appétit!

Part 3 of 3 Bon Appétit! So many components went into this one image but first the shoot.
It was complicated as all lighting needed to be the same or at least similar and angles had to as well.
The composite consisted of over 20 different images and because reflections of the tomatoes and lemons were different due to the background they were photographed in, I had to paint in shadows and colours to match the main fish plate image.
A real fish was cooked and flaked to use as the fish flesh so that was something new to me!
Hair was challenging and the liquify tool was used to warp the hair around the plate as good as I can possibly get it with my skillset.

Time on shoot ~1 hour
Time in Photoshop, ~6.5 hours.

Really enjoyed doing this for halloween 2019 and I'm glad TheIntrovertedMermaid [Instagram]) was onboard to be the dead fish.

Equipment used:
Sony a7iii
24-70 GM
Godox ad200
Godox ad400 Pro

Camera settings:
f16 ISO160 1/60 - 1/80s

Sony A7iii
24 · f/16 · ISO 160
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