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Forever Pinot Noir

A personal project.

Went with a dark noire style vibe, for a maybe not quite subtle play on words with Pinot Noir.

Shot at: 200, 2.8, 100mm

Shot Four Lights: Three Strip boxes, a gridded reflector and a white card.

1) On the Left hand side behind the bottle pointing down, so only the top curve of the bottle would get an edge light. This light also created the highlights in the left glass and created the red line on the right of the bottle.

2)On the right hand lower to create a diagonal shape between the two edge lights.

3)On the 45ยบ of the front of the bottle, with additional diffusion close the bottle to create the gradient on the label and the glass of the bottle. Then used a white bounce to lower the shadow of the label.

Simply placed on right side of of glasses from behind, at the same hight as the camera

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