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Woodford Reserve

A personal Project

Playing around with the light cast from the Woodford bottle when shot from behind, created some really interesting colors.

2 Strip boxes, 1 Gridded Reflector, 1 Snoot.

1st strip box was on the back left of the bottle. Almost at the same direction the bottle was facing.. but a bit more to the left. I placed the a reflector with a grid to the right of this strip box. While I was enjoying the smooth darker mood the strip box brought, I wanted some hard like to bring out the reds and create the brighten up the bottom part of the bottle, as I wanted a darker color where the brands name was for increased contrast.

2nd Strip box was behind the bottle in the same line as the camera was.I wanted to bring out a bit more reds in the section behind the branding, but I wanted independent control of that, before this light, directly behind was completely black. However this destroyed the mood created on the the wood. So I flagged out that portion so only the dark parts of the the bottle had light hit them, this light also brought in the surface highlights in the right glass.

Finally I haded a snoot to point down on the Woodford logo and bottom labeling. I did this at a pretty angle. Straight in front of the bottle(from it's point of view) This also created the lovely white light inside of the left glass.

Very minimal edits,
Got rid of a few unwanted reflections from the glass in to the bottle, dust clean up etc. Biggest change in post was applying a cyan based gradient map at about 30%. This provided some nice color contrast against the reds of the image.

Canon 5DS
100mm · f/4.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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